Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much of an advance do I need to give for an order?: Depends. If you are looking for anything with a complicated design or particularly large, I ask for a 1-2 week notice. I use this time to make sure I know exactly what you want, and if you’re unsatisfied with the result, I still have time to try again. For smaller orders, things such as cupcakes or brownies, I ask for a 3 day notice. Anything larger than an order of 2 dozen cupcakes or brownies I ask for a week notice. If you’re not looking for anything decorative, but just something tasty, you can give me a call and if I’m available I can have it down within a few hours.


  • Where do I pick up my order?: At this time I bake from my home. So right now I only do deliveries. I live in Union County, New Jersey, so if you live in or around Union County I will deliver it to your door. I charge fifty cents per mile up to 35 miles. If you live over 35 miles I will work something out with you, we may be able to meet in the middle.


  • Do you bake anything organic?: Yes I do, though because I do not use all organic ingredients unless requested, and I don’t always have to ability to keep them on hand, I ask for a 5 day advance on small orders, a 9 day notice for larger orders, and a 2 week notice on complicated/very large cakes. Prices may also vary.


  • What about allergies?: During your order, I will always ask about allergies. I will make changes to any recipe to accommodate allergies. (If you need something gluten-free there may be a small additional cost due to the fact gluten-free ingredients are usually more expensive, and not widely available.)


Any more questions? E-mail , text or call me and I’ll get back to you with an answer ASAP.


(908) 347-5675 [Call or text]


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